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Reduce anxiety and frustration using our services to locate, secure and deliver your feedstock needs.

Developing a biomass energy project begins with feedstocks. Proper due diligence demands more than simply knowing the biomass is there; a savvy developer understands how that feedstock will be secured to minimize downtime and reduce risk exposure.

Biomass is a natural resource that is highly variable with large volumes and low margins, so getting a firm grasp on what you are sourcing is key. Verdanté does more than find resources, we find the people who are growing, harvesting and transporting them. VBS builds the foundations of relationships that will keep your projects strong into the future.

Primary modes of biomass supply chain problem solving include:

Comprehensive Resource Assessment –Detailed assessments of biomass resources for a given region to determine feasibility of facilities requiring various feedstocks to be determined according to the client specification. These studies are typically utilized in the decision to pursue procurement of financing and/or grant funding for projects.

Fuel/Feedstock Supply Analysis – For locations specified by the client, VBS identifies the target fuel/feedstocks (type to be specified by client according to technology/application). VBS determines the quantities generated within an economic radius and conducts a routing analysis to arrive at a cost estimate on a per ton basis for the biomass. We meet with your staff and engineers to assess your site to search for potential pitfalls. This information is typically used to specify the economic feasibility and daily operational visioning of specific projects.

Supply Contracts – VBS can negotiate and secure viable contracts for long-term supplies of predetermined, specified feedstocks for the client according to client project demands and technological standards. You may work with your counsel, ours, or a combination of both to deliver the final executables. Upon request, we may also bring to the table our insurance partners who have a keen eye on the biomass industry and can help you rest easier at night.

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