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When you have unusual specifications and a need for reliable service, our team delivers the goods.

Verdanté BioEnergy Services procures and delivers customized feedstocks for your laboratory or industrial projects. Whether you’re looking for pellets, firewood, MSW, virgin wood chips or agricultural residues such as corn stover and wheat straw, VBS can get you the feedstock you need.

Materials can be packaged to your specification and delivered according to a set timeline. We arrange projects for domestic and international delivery. Our experienced team ensures you get exactly what you need in terms of representative sampling because we are scientists like you, conducting proper data collection and chain of custody monitoring.

We understand you are busy getting technology off the bench and into the factory, so we get the job scoped out quickly and clearly. Project are completed efficiently without bothering your team with the minutia that distract from the real goal of technological developments for a low-carbon future.

Most recently, Idaho National Labs (INL) required a specific species of biomass feedstock of a certain particle size and packaged in super sacks. The client in a certain quantity with unique qualities and content. Additionally, they required a separate sample be provided to an alternate delivery point for analysis. Verdanté Bioenergy Services successfully procured the required materials on time and for a reasonable cost.

Our client, Marnie Cortez of INL was so impressed, she complimented us by saying, “Verdanté has been phenomenal to work with – and they always deliver.”

Our services include:


verdante-icon-green-3  Identification and procurement of a full spectrum of biomass feedstocks from woody, agricultural, industrial and municipal residues to dedicated energy crops

verdante-icon-green-3  New project site evaluations

verdante-icon-green-3  Failed project reviews and rejuvenations

verdante-icon-green-3  Financial grade feedstock availability reports

verdante-icon-green-3  Brokering services, premium or contract-based

verdante-icon-green-3  Feedstock specification and technology analysis

verdante-icon-green-3  Negotiations, contracts and personal site visits to producers

verdante-icon-green-3  Complete risk assessments of supply chain, including back-office operations, testing, validation, equipment, management and permit applications

verdante-icon-green-3  Transportation services

verdante-icon-green-3  Site analysis, including topography, traffic flow and major risk determination

All manner of problems associated with bioenergy projects can be tackled, including, but not limited to, project optimization, pre-processing, harvesting, drying, storage, combustion, gasification, Fisher-Tropsch, anaerobic digestion, densification, fire prevention and composting.


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