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Verdanté Bioenergy Services publishes a monthly newsletter intended to help our company stay in touch with our customers and stakeholders in the industry.
You can expect leading edge news articles and concise technology-based information that will help you whether you’re looking into IT solutions, staying in touch with us, or just want a cool thing to say around the biomass water cooler. *Sign up to receive our newsletter by entering your information below, or by sending an email to*
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Newsletter Archives

If you are looking for something and cannot find it, please feel free to let us know and we’ll try to assist you.



November 2015 – Testing your knowledge: The Pros and Cons of Biomass for Energy by G. David Waechter – 11/20/2015 – PDF Download
September 2015 – Megafires and Climate Change: Are they connected? by G. David Waechter – 09/27/2015 – PDF Download
August 2015 – What is going on with Fossil Fuels? by G. David Waechter – 08/13/2015 – PDF Download
June 2015 – The Science Behind Biomass by G. David Waechter – 06/24/2015 – PDF Download
May 2015 – Biomass Quality and Pricing Strategies by G. David Waechter – 05/20/2015 – PDF Download
April 2015 – Biomass can coexist with Nature by G. David Waechter – 04/14/2015 – PDF Download
March 2015 – America’s Canopy: The History and Future of our critical asset(s) by G. David Waechter – 03/12/2015 – PDF Download
February 2015 – The business of biomass is hard work by G. David Waechter – 02/17/2015 – PDF Download
What is U.S. electricity generation by energy source? by G. David Waechter – 01/15/2014 – PDF Download
January 2015 – Demonstrate and promote commitment to the conservation of natural resources by G. David Waechter – 01/16/15 – PDF Download
December 2014 – Bioenergy Service Firms: Biomass Exportation, Sustainability… by G. David Waechter – 12/08/2014 – PDF Download
November 2014 – Securing America’s Bioenergy: Military’s use of Biofuel, National BioEnergy Day… by G. David Waechter – 11/12/2014 – PDF Download

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