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Bioenergy ProEX™

Procure feedstocks, schedule deliveries, and manage key biomass stakeholders using Bioenergy ProEX™.

Quality Improvement

Our team of professionals can assist you in reducing costs by measuring and improving your supplier network.

Export Logistics

Lower costs and increase transparency by negotiating directly with export industry players.


Whether you need to know what your property is worth, or just need someone to stand up for you in negotiations, we have you covered.

Research & Reporting

Life cycle analysis, carbon footprinting, sustainability or CSR, we've got the research and reporting capabilities you need.

Our Story

Founded in 2011, Verdanté BioEnergy Services is focused on making bioenergy the most reliable renewable energy available. The name Verdanté comes from verdant, meaning “green with abundant vegetation,” and Dante meaning “enduring, lasting or steadfast”. Verdanté, taken in sum, means “an enduring source of vegetation.”

Verdanté is headquarted in Lenoir, NC, a land of rolling hills, blanketed with top-grade timber, and formerly known as “the Furniture Capital of the World.” Verdanté is built upon a culture that emphasizes sustainable and ethical business practices. We align with bioenergy firms to eliminate anxiety and frustration, solve problems, and save our clients time and money.

The VBS team offers IT products and services to support the development of biomass energy conversion facilities in the United States. Our roots are in agriculture and forestry, so we understand the complexities of working with natural resources. We also understand that the allure of their abundance can overshadow the risk of their inconsistency. That is why we look for innovative ways to keep your projects on track. Our team includes professionals who share an understanding of these core values.

Our product portfolio consists of IT products and services which assist biomass industry professionals achieve optimal results in the most efficient manner possible. Our team of professional consultants act as an extension of your team where you need us most. We appreciate a challenge and always seek the simplest solution so your team can get on with making profits.








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